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Job & Career Accelerator (Cần phải truy cập - bấm vào đây)
    Job & Career Accelerator™—the first fully integrated online career and job search platform—is designed to guide any job seeker through the most effective career selection and job search possible. From creating powerful resumes and finding job and internship opportunities to assessing career alternatives and mastering interviewing skills, job seekers will have everything they need in one easy-to-use web application.

Learning Express Test Preparation (Please register using your library card number) (Cần phải truy cập - bấm vào đây)
    Emphasizing 21st Century skills, career-based knowledge and ongoing professional improvement is critical to succeeding in the workplace and in life. Learning Express Library’s unique, interactive learning platform provides patrons with the most comprehensive selection of career-oriented resources available to help with job preparation, career advancement, career changes, and re-entry into the workforce.

NewsBank: Jobs and Careers (Cần phải truy cập - bấm vào đây)
    Find current information from all over the world regarding various fields and industries.

Professional Development Collection (Cần phải truy cập - bấm vào đây)
    Provides a highly specialized collection of information for professional educators, professional librarians and education researchers. This collection offers information on everything from children's health and development to cutting-edge pedagogical theory and practice. Professional Development Collection includes full text for nearly 520 high quality education journals and more than 200 educational reports.

Vocational & Career Collection (Cần phải truy cập - bấm vào đây)
    Provides full-text coverage for more than 340 trade and industry related periodicals including American Machinist, Modern Machine Shop, Pediatric Nursing, Wireless Week, Drug Store News, Reeves Journal, Hotel & Motel Management, Restaurant Business, Advertising Age, and many more.